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Categories: 26 Apr 2012

Hello and a very warm welcome tour website Bali Beat! Thank you for taking the time to visit us and your interest in our products and services.

Bali Beat is one of the marketing tools of PT Mitra Maya Media and consists of four businesses Villa Resort Indonesia, Best Bali Shop, Deals in Bali and Bali Beat, all related to each other and all operated from the beautiful and sunny island of Bali, Island of God!

Bali Beat is designed so the consumer benefits of all the best deals, adventures, events,restaurants, hotels, etc. that are currently available in their location and area of interest. It also allows the professional operator to promote and advertise their products and services so the consumer can have immediate access of those deals in the palm of their hands.

Please feel free to browse through the locations and categories that are listed on our site or simply use our search engine to find what you need.

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